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Swingset Solutions

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213 Route 22 East

Green Brook, NJ 08812


Play Safe!

We can help make your backyard playground safe and attractive with our high quality playground surface products.

Enhance your swingset play-area with safety surfacing; we use premium recycled rubber mulch and flexible rubber borders.

We use only the highest quality products from a trusted company. Our rubber mulch is chemical-free and 100% safe for children.

For an estimate, call or visit our showroom.

(during peak months in season, there may be a waiting period)

premium rubber playground mulch comes in a variety of colors

recycled rubber mulch is the ideal surface for outdoor play structures:

safe, durable, and attractive

rubber mulch and borders

rubber mulch and borders

Create a safe and attractive zone around your playset

with our rubber mulch and rubber borders.

rubber mulch and borders

rubber mulch and borders



rubber mulch is clean, durable and long-lasting, self draining, helps control weeds and insects, is non-toxic and non-staining, and doesn't attract animals.

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